Soul Light Up!💡 Group Coaching

We are social beings and we need support from others to get through this Life!

Coming from a girl who hates doing group exercise or group work when I was in school…I can tell you that group support when you are on a transformational life journey is imperative!

Leveling up, can be really scary and very lonely. You may start to see people in your life go away. That is because you remind them of what they need to be doing but are not yet ready to do…Grow!

If this is happening in your life…it’s time to find your flock, people who will get you, love you and accept all parts of you and your journey.

Join me in my Soul Light Up! Group Coaching program starting in August 2020!

Soul SiStar Light Up! Group Coaching

Ground in Your Power & Embrace Your Inner Feminine Light 12-week
In our journey together you’ll….

❤Trust yourself so deeply you will always know you’re making the right decisions.

❤Feel confident in your abilities to say Yes & especially No.

❤Find joy & fulfillment in what you have to share with the world.

❤Make yourself a priority and honor your feminine power and light

What’s included?

  • 3 Monthly Group Coaching Sessions w/ Jessica Total of 9 (Value $1300)
  • 1 Personalized Session w/ Jessica (Value $140)
  • Quick support access via voxer M-F *Allow 24 to respond (Value $1,000) 
  • Workbook/Assignments that Jessica feels are fit for your journey
  • Crystal Reading: Clarity, directions, clearing roadblocks, fear, lifting them and setting right path (Value $199)
  • (1) Card Reading (Value $99)
  • Total Value: $2,500+

We will have an amazing time…working through it together!

Sending you Radical LOVE and Connection,

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