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Permission Granted: Connect with Your Heart & Soul One-Day Retreat

Join me on October 26. 2019 at The Guest House Retreat & Conference Center in Chester, CT for a day of 💓sound healing, 🧘🏽‍♀️meditation, 💃🏽dancing, ✨releasing the old and calling in abundance, an super tasty gourmet lunch and dinner buffet and most importantly connection, to others and to you.

If you are feeling stuck or bored in your business, relationships or your personal growth and need to change something before you do something drastic…then you need to be at this retreat.

You will leave with a clear vision of what your next steps will be. You will also gain new and amazing connections to like minded people and the best part, a better connection to yourself.

The time to connect to your higher self is now!

The retreat on June 15, 2019 was a heart warming, beautiful time of connection and healing. There will be more of that and then some on October 19, 2019. You do not want to miss this day!

A day of sound healing, meditation, heart anchoring, fire ceremony, great food and much more…Don’t miss out!