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🔥 This was unbelievable to me.

But first…

I’m SUPPPPPEEERRRR excited to announce the open enrollment of my course…..

🌸Permission Granted: Self-Discovery course to Loving Yourself, Creating Time & Finally Become Your Own Warrior!🌸

I’ve had many moments of reflection sitting in my office. It became an urgent need for me to create this course.
I kept hearing a running theme with many of my clients.
They wanted someone to give them permission to live their lives.

Why were people looking for permission to do what is their divine right?

I looked back at my life and realized I had done the same thing for most of my life. It wasn’t until the Universe kicked me in the ass and said enough is enough!

That kick in the ass was me getting fired from my last job.
Part of me thought it was the end of the world but another part of me felt wild and free!

I was so done of working for others, doing things in a boring vanilla way and not being able to challenge and insert some spice into helping people find their joy.

I had a chance to reinvent myself, so after I had my first panic attack and scraped myself off the floor. I gave myself permission to do what I wanted, the way I want.
I desire this for you, give yourself permission to be and do what you want, the way YOU want!

⭐️This course will activate, empower and allow you to live your most authentic, present and connected life!

What you’ll learn during this 6-week journey?
Each module has an incredible video training + workbook and more.
🌟Release judgment of yourself & lighten up on other people.
🌟Accept all parts of you. Yes, even the wobbly bits.
🌟Start to say NO like your life depends on it. Because it does.
🌟Call in the right flock of friends and build a tribe of warriors.
🌟Stop saying sorry just for being.
🌟Accepting others for who they choose to be & ease your stress level.

I put my 20+ years of therapy experience + my lightworker background into this course.

“This course is amazing! From the weekly sessions to the subsequent materials, it is time to focus on yourself. We are all busy and pulled in so many directions defined by the various roles we have during the day. This time was meaningful and provided strategies that can be integrated during the day to allow yourself to pause and recharge! Jess was honest and shared chapters from her own story, allowing us to connect with her and providing a safe space in which to do so.”

-Ellen M.

If you’re ready to love yourself unconditionally & give yourself permission to take the leap I’d love to have you.

Just Click the link below!

It’s time now…If not now…then when?

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