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Not sure if you feel it, but the energetic tides are a changing! Patriarchy has done enough damage to the divine feminine and the divine masculine and Mother Earth and Father Sky (AKA God AKA The Universe) have had enough! Women, have had enough.  It is time to unite as women so that we can teach the ways of love and light that the women before us embodied.  Throughout history women have been portrayed as villains and said to be evil because they were in their full confidence and power as women.

We carry the stories of women who were persecuted, burned, drowned, tortured and silenced because of their power; and we carry it on our very DNA.

-Lisa Lister

Since the beginning of time, women have been written out of history and if they were included, they were the ones who wrongfully influenced the men ie: Eve, Mary Magdalene, all of the women burned, raped and tortured in every culture.  This has led the women who have come after them to believe they are second class citizens, not smart, not important and worse of all not powerful.  Well, those lies can no longer resonate with us.  It is time for us to turn the energetic tides, let matriarchy rise again in order to balance the divine feminine and the divine masculine.  That is the only way we are going to heal ourselves collectively as well as heal and save our planet.

Join me in this space, to learn more about your power.  Learn about the divine masculine and the divine feminine. Learn about a woman in her full power…the Healers, the Curanderas, the Witch.  Learn how to educate your daughters and your sons to be kind, caring and spread love and light.  Together we can change what is going on in our Country, in our world for the better.  Join me, Rise and Shine!

Her rising started a (R)evolution

Rebecca Campbell

Let’s continue to Rise by supporting all of those who are doing the work of Divine Love, Divine mastery and balancing the Divine Feminine and masculine…for the highest and greatest good of all!

That’s why I started interviewing beautiful souls on FB live, to spread the word, help raise the vibration…and to show that there are good people in this world.

Tune in at 5:00 pm EST Sundays on Facebook Live on my page Jessica Alejandro!

See You There…


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