Permission Granted to be a Divine Rebel!

“Rise for you, rise for me. when you rise first, you rise for she”~Rebecca Campbell

Permission Granted…by You to Just Be…and be a Divine Rebel!

Permission Granted was birthed when I noticed that my clients, especially women, felt like they needed permission to grow, to change, to love themselves.

As I listened to my clients, I realized I had gone through this transition myself. I learned how to give myself permission to be how I want to be and who I want to be. To no longer dim my light to fit in or become more pleasant for others.

I knew I had to help others gain their strength and confidence to not apologize for who they are and to not look outside of themselves for validation or permission. That’s when Permission Granted evolved even further into Divine Rebels!

We carry the stories of women who were persecuted, burned, drowned, tortured and silenced because of their power; and we carry it on our very DNA.

-Lisa Lister

That’s why I started Permission Granted…an extension of my psychotherapy and healing business. I wanted to offer face to face group healing in a relaxing and natural setting. I have attending many retreats and have connected with myself and others in ways that would not be possible without being in community with others.

I love having retreats and witnessing the collective healing in the room.

I also offer on-line self study courses for those who cannot make the retreats or are wanting to do the work alone first.

Please join the Facebook group and find support in women who are also on a journey to owning their power again!

Giving & Receiving, Love & Light,

Jessica Alejandro, LMFT

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